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  • 1923:  This historic home was brought to life as a private residence here in the prominent and bustling town of Pawhuska Oklahoma.  History files from the county society tell us that the home was built by an Osage Native.   Designed in the Colonial Revival style...Dates: 1880 to 1955 which features: large entryway and surround, columns or pilasters, symmetrical facade, 6-over-6 windows (often paired), side gable or gambrel roof.  The American Centennial celebrations of 1876 brought about a nostalgia for the country's past, including its early house styles. But rather than copy those houses directly, architects like McKim, Mead, and White mixed and matched details from several early styles, including Dutch Colonial, Georgian, and Federal. This is one of the country's most enduring styles, as millions of examples survive, and a renewal of interest in it led to a Neo-Colonial Revival on the "McMansions" of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

  • 1923-2004:  Once called the Paris of the "Midwest", Pawhuska has remained a landmark for historic and legacy rich activity as the home of the Osage Tribe of Oklahoma and The Tall Grass Prairie Reserve.  For many years the home hosted several families including the Loman's and Drummond's.  Story goes that Fredrick and Ruth Drummond did a "house swap" with the Loman family and owned the home for three generations.  Chuck (or Charles) and Nan Drummond took over the home next followed by Ladd & Ree Drummond in the late 1990's.


  • In 2004 Charlotte Rhineheart, a lover of historical homes, purchased the home from the Drummond Family and envisioned it become a legit bed and breakfast.  After years of aging, the home received new windows, central heating and air (for the first time), floor refinishing and an interior design facelift.   

  • In 2011 Charlotte relocated to to Kansas City to be with her family and the house was used for short term rentals, including leasing to the Food Network filming crew.  

  • In 2012 Steven and Tiffany Poe purchased the home and opened it as the new Grandview Inn Bed and Breakfast. 

  • Native to the Grand Lake region of Oklahoma, Steven and Tiffany have always had a love for hospitality and entertaining.  After relocating to Tulsa in 2009 for business opportunities, the couple had no plans to leave the conveniences of a large city and were happy living the Tulsa lifestyle.  However, after a series of unique events and viewing the home during a private party, Steven and Tiffany made the decision to relocate and assumed the honor of being the inn’s new keepers. 

  • As a professional chef, Tiffany has always had a love for food and hospitality!  Working as a food stylists on the Pioneer Woman Food Network show from 2011-2015 was one of the highlights of her career.  She and Ree met through a home-education friend, Hyacinth and the connection drew her to Osage County.  From 2011-2016, the inn continued to host the Food Network filming crew multiple times a year.

  • When the PW Mercantile opened in 2016, the inn went from hosting a few tourists, the film crew and local visitors, to hosting friends from around the world!  The Grandview now hosts traditional bed and breakfast enthusiasts as well as those traveling from out of town to visit the Pioneer Woman Mercantile or the Tall Grass Prairie!  The inn also plays host to local gatherings, private dinners, afternoon teas, cooking classes and receptions.   

  • In the fall of 2017, the Poe's welcomed their sixth child, Israel who is blessed with the gift of Down Syndrome!  Due to his medical needs and therapy, the couple looked into a relocation back to Tulsa. The Poe's had seen a unique idea of someone giving their inn away through an essay-style contest.  After looking at the legal process they decided to host a similar contest to release the inn to a new owner.    They launched the essay contest in the summer of 2019.  The goal was to get enough entries to give the contest winners/new owners a debt-free successful business.  After hosting the contest for over four months and extending it for another three, the entry goals were not achieved.  The applicants received gift certificates as per the contest rules and the competition ended on February 14th.

  • The Poe's continue to run the inn and look forward to sharing hospitality with folks visiting Osage County. 


  • During the CV-19 shutdowns the B&B remained closed from March 17th-April 30th.  During that time, it received some much needed repairs and updates.


  • The inn will re-open May 15th to welcome guests for the summer! 


  • Also opening for the 2020 season, is the newly renovated Heritage Inn, located next door to the B&B. 


  • Another former Drummond property, the 1920's historic red brick colonial will serve as a family style bed and bath nightly rental.  Restored in a vintage, urban farmhouse style decor, the home hosts four bedrooms, two bath movie room, game-room and a beautiful gourmet kitchen.












  • (Picture circa 2012) before update!

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