Welcome to Osage County!

Welcome to Osage County and welcome to our website! Our story begins long ago with the decision to home-educate our kids and through a series of really fantastic circumstances (more on that later), we moved to Osage County ! Now folks from all over the world, visit Osage County to see the new Pioneer Woman Mercantile and visiting the beautiful Tall Grass Prairie Reserve. Our hope is that we have the pleasure to meet you one day and share our warm Oklahoma hospitality with you personally!

Speaking of sharing........one of the breakfasts we get requested and asked about the most is our classic pork chop and egg feature. It's no secret that when you come to Osage County, you want something that will stick to your ribs! When I, (Tiffany) started working with Ree, I started cooking and eating a LOT of breakfast style pork chops. Growing up in Oklahoma myself , pork chops for breakfast is a common thing. One of my favorite memories as a little girl was watching my grandma cook thin cut chops in her cast iron skillet. I still remember the smell of that pork sizzling in the kitchen. The salty savory flavor of the Lawry's seasoning combined with the natural juices that come from the chop itself are almost more delicious than bowl full of butter! As a chef, I really appreciate the little bone that is present on the "breakfast" style chop. It helps the pork retain moisture and also serves as a handle for devouring this finger-licking morsel!

I wish I could say this is a recipe, but it isn't! Some folks like to dredge their pork chop in flour before you sear them it in a hot cast iron skillet with a tiny bit of fat (your choice). Other's give their chops a bath with cold water and then dry them to remove any bone or slicing debris from the pork. Still others just take them right from the package, sprinkle some of that fabulous seasoned salt on both side and sear to perfection. Any way you slice it, you'll be so so happy with these delicious breakfast pork chops. We sever them every three days here at The Grandview Inn B&B. Right between the Eggs Benedict and the Fabulous French Toast or Homemade Donuts! Come see us, we'll set a place for you!

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